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Podcast: The Soil – Food – Gut – Brain Superhighway Nutrition for both soil and human health

Tune in for this brilliant interview with Tim Parton talking nutrition for both soil and human health with globally renowned nutrition expert Patrick Holford, who will also be speaking at our Open Day in May:



Simple Wisdom for a Healthy Life

In this podcast, I interview two pioneers in making food healthy, from the soil up. Bob Quinn is a botanist with a PhD in plant biochemistry, who helped convert thousands of acres across Montana to growing ancient grains (Kamut) organically. He was the first in Montana to mill whole grain, organic flour starting in 1986.  By 1991 he had certified his entire 3 generation family wheat and cattle ranch as organic.  He continues to experiment to improve regenerative organic systems and find better ways to grow dry land vegetables, fruit trees and berries in Montana, not only rebuilding the soil, but also the farming community for the benefit of health for all.

Tim Parton is a Farm Manager in South Staffordshire in the UK.

Tim farms in a biological way maximising the value of nutrition to get the best out of the crops. He does not use insecticides, seed treatments, growth regulators or fungicides, as when the plant is balanced the need for synthetic inputs drops away.

Tim has won many awards including Soil Farmer of the Year 2017, Arable Innovator of the Year 2019, Sustainable Farmer of the Year 2019 and Innovation Farmer of the Year 2020.

Together, we’ll explore the journey between the soil and your health and why soil degeneration, and modern farming practices are partly responsible for declining mental and physical health. We will also explore the fundamental principles of regenerative farming and gardening.


Listen here

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