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Angus farms in the Vale of York. He grows arable crops and has a suckler herd. His soils range from 'blow-away' sands to heavy clays which makes farming challenging. Angus places huge importance on the health of the farm's soil and sustainability runs through everything that he does and believes in.

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Angus's farm biodiversity 

Angus has been farming regeneratively for the past eight years aiming to improve the health and well being of the soils and the wider environment.  The amount of plant protection products and inorganic nitrogen used have fallen significantly, whilst the amount of food produced has remained largely the same.  

As well as the arable land, permanent and temporary grassland is grown to support a 45 cow pedigree suckler herd.  Increasing the biodiversity on the farm and surrounding area is a key desire and is achieved partly by the regenerative methods of crop production carried out on the farm and also by taking areas out of production to directly support wildlife.  

These areas include seven miles of hedges with trees, grass margins, flower-rich margins, bumble bird mix and winter bird food with seed feeding throughout winter and spring.  Wildlife on the farm has increased significantly in this time with increases in numbers of fallow and roe deer and brown hares as well as many smaller mammals and insects.  

Buzzards, barn, tawny and little owls as well as kestrels all nest on the farm as well as skylarks and lapwings and many smaller birds.  


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