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For investors

Investing in Biodiversity

Two biodiversity investments are available.  

  1. Cropped land (including grazed/mown grassland) and will available at one price - £5/ 0.01ha for a 12-month rolling agreement.

  2. Includes specific biodiversity activities, including creating field margins, hedges, ponds, trees, wildflower plots; these are available at a range of prices depending on the feature and the farm - the average is £20/0.01ha for a 12-month rolling agreement. 


Investing in Carbon

Carbon from our named farms is sold by the tonne, annually. 


We are a group of farmers who met via a competition called 'Soil Farmer of the Year'. 

We believe in regenerative agriculture and the benefits of reduced pesticides, increased carbon capture and improved biodiversity, water, air and soil.

We all work hard to improve the habitats and biodiversity on our farms and love to welcome people to come and see what we are doing. 

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