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For investors

Investing in Biodiversity

Two biodiversity investments are available.  

  1. Cropped land (including grazed/mown grassland) and will available at one price - £5/ 0.01ha for a 12-month rolling agreement.

  2. Includes specific biodiversity activities, including creating field margins, hedges, ponds, trees, wildflower plots; these are available at a range of prices depending on the feature and the farm - the average is £20/0.01ha for a 12-month rolling agreement. 


Investing in Carbon

Carbon from our named farms is sold by the tonne, annually. 


Trading platform
We work in partnership with Trinity Agtech to record our carbon, natural capital and the impact of our farming practices. Trading of natural capital and carbon is via Trinity Natural Capital Markets.

Investing in Biodiversity

Two biodiversity investments will be available and will be sold as an annual agreement in multiples of 3m2 which will be geotagged. Projects will be scoped separately in line with the capital cost of the activity.  

  1. Environmentally sensitive broadacre farmland (including grazed/mown grassland) is managed sustainably to encourage soil health, in line with The Green Farm Collective farming policy.

  2. Enhanced biodiversity, including field margins, hedges, ponds, trees and wildflower areas. 


Investing in Carbon

Carbon from our named farms will be sold by the tonne, annually. 

Investing in projects

The Green Farm Collective farms will create crowdfunded projects for the Green Farm Collective community to invest in. These could include specific wildlife and habitat creation or enhancement, public engagement/education facilities and education and Care Farming support activities. 

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Farmer 'suppliers' will be welcomed to join the Collective if they are operating a net-zero business, have certified credentials of their farm's natural capital, regenerative management practices, high soil health status and quantified soil carbon verification.

For full details, and membership criteria and to join us, click here.

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