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  • What can I invest in with The Green Farm Collective?
    Offset of carbon and biodiversity. Biodiversity is sold either as 'broadacre' (care for soil, air and water, minimal use of synthetic inputs) or 'enhanced' (practices and features that enhance nature - ponds, hedges, pollen and nectar field margins etc.)
  • Who should invest?
    Any individual or business (small or large) that would like to offset carbon to achieve net zero, or better, and invest in biodiversity projects. The Green Farm Collective is particularly keen to work with likeminded people and to create a community who want to address the climate change challenge.
  • Why should a farmer sign up to supply The Green Farm Collective?
    The Green Farm Collective is encouraing like-minded farmers to form a community of changemakers who strive to achieve net zero, improve farmland biodiversity and earn an income stream to facilitate more environmentally beneficial work on their farms.
  • What kind of farmers are involved?
    Farmers who focus on building soil health and enhancing natual habitats on their farms, whatever their business focus. Some of our farmers are crop growers, some have livestock and others have 'diversified' businesses e.g. tourism. All have a passion to communicate to interested people, be they urban or rural.
  • What is The Green Farm Collective community?
    A group of interested people - farmers, householders and businesses - who want to contribute to better soils, more nature and a kinder way of farming with nature.
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