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Biodiversity agreement - Brewood Park Farm, Tim Parton

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Biodiversity agreement at Brewood Park Farm is going well with 2 ha of cover crop and 2ha of flower/winter bird food margins sold. It has been an exciting time, with both agreements helping to heal the planet and encourage wildlife on farm.

The cover crop will be doing its job to put liquid Carbon back into the soil through photosynthesis, feeding soil microbes and storing carbon within the soil. This in turn also keeps pollinators busy above ground, adding even more biodiversity to the farm, which in turn feeds the growing number of birds on the farm. This is just a fantastic story of healing the planet on which we live while still providing food for its inhabitants! The investment made by the company for this biodiversity then passes this amazing story onto its customers to show that it does care about the planet and is doing its bit to help heal the damage that has been done.

The flower margins / winter bird food are also vitally important to help birds maintain their condition over the winter with naturally grown food. Especially at this time of Avian Flu, it allows birds to feed in more spacious areas to avoid so much contact. All Red data species are increasing on the farm, from Kestrels, to Green Finches, to Linnets. Providing this winter feed source is yet another story to be told by the company investing in the margins, as they play such a big role in the picture. This is the amazing partnership of businesses working with the Green Farm Collective (GFC). The GFC can offer the opportunity for other businesses to make a big difference to the planet we all live on , as we all must take responsibility to make the changes needed.

Another great success is the building of our bird hide, which is used on corporate days for our sponsor to show how they are making a difference, but one that they can see and get involved in. Belvide Ringers, our local bird group who are licenced Ringers, offer a wealth of knowledge on the birds that are spotted. This makes for very inspiring and rewarding days, showing a rich biodiverse environment in return for their investment.

“Together we can make a difference”

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