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Joining rules for farmers

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

If you’re keen on joining us to trade your carbon and biodiversity, here are our asks.

The Green Farm Collective membership criteria.


a. Be using Sandy (from Trinity Agtech) to calculate their Carbon usage & Biodiversity areas.

b. Striving to farm in a way that enhances nature and the environment.

c. A minimum 5% of farmed area be farmed for nature (definition required of what can be included in this)

d. Be carrying out minimal soil disturbance techniques for crop establishment - strip-till or no-till for a minimum of 9 in every 10 years.

e. Farming as closely to the 5 principles of regenerative agriculture as possible.

a. Protect soil surface

b. Integrate livestock

c. Minimum soil movement

d. Diversity

e. Maintain living roots

f. Be minimising Nitrogen use, and optimising PPP usage.

g. Have a wide and diverse rotation including spring cropswhere feasible.

h. No food waste digestate, or paper waste (unless composted) to be applied.

i. Actively working to feed livestock with home grown produce.

j. These conditions apply across all sectors of agriculture, horticulture and forestry.


Any new members will be inspected upon joining by way of an audit which may be repeated at any time at the discretion of TGFC.

Every member will be an ambassador for The Green Farm Collective brand and will be expected to honour and promote our principles at all times.

The Green Farm Collective reserve the right to amend these rules on an annual basis, with 12 months given for members to action any policy amendments.

Make contact with us by completing this form or emailing us:

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